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Poor Frank Rapes Amps

A Bandom Reccing Community

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Our Policy.

ALL RECCS TO US can be sent via e-mail (poorfrankrapesamps@gmail.com). Please keep in mind that it takes time to read and consider each fic before it is posted here and that not all fic will actually make it to the final cut. Hopefully, with a little time and effort on our part, we will be able to set up a small list of the fics you recommend to us, but were not posted.

Fics will be tagged by length, pairing, band, and rating on our delicious, kept up-to-date by unicornvamp3z and 14blades.

Currently we do not ask permission to recommend fic on this community. If you see your fic recced on this comm and do not want it there, please, send an email (poorfrankrapesamps@gmail.com) We will try to contact you within a few days, and we will gladly take your fic off the list if that is what you want. If this becomes a recurring problem, we will start asking permission. We just do not see the point at this time.

Mods are currently set and only those who have been in contact with unluckykitty, unicornvamp3z, or 14blades specifically asking to mod this community will be considered. Sorry.

The name of this comm. is not intended to offend *anyone* If it strongly offends you or someone you know, please drop a comment or email. If it's mentioned at any point, we will more than gladly change it to something slightly less offensive.

If you are offended by the content of this community or the fics recommended here that is YOUR PROBLEM we really don’t give a crap. Go complain to someone else.